We'll Be Famous When We're Dead

by Fleas

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released October 30, 2013



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Fleas California

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Track Name: First World Problems
I can't walk through life with this world on my back
under the pressure don't know how to react
day by day I'm going insane
give me a gun and i'll put it in your butt
it seems that every fucking choice that i make
sinks its teeth in things i love and rips them away
i feel the anger and the pain building up inside
i feel it taking over its a matter of time
Track Name: Hardcore Is An Inside Job
This Hardcore scene aint what it was
you look around and don't see whats what
cloned bands left and right
snapback hats blind my eyes
walls of shirts to support the band
at $15 for merch they just want your cash
out of place amount the black sheep
these shows feel like I'm in a fashion scene

one riff in your entire LP gets you on a tour in europe over seas
ceremony sold out for a few bux
we are the last of the punx
Track Name: Recycle Your Children
The way you live is becoming old
you need a promise that gives hope to your soul

but the feeling of certainty died with your glow
poisoned by having too much to prove

I know the fucking boy inside
trying to find a reason to stay alive
but you can't live if you try
You hear these lyrics and think of another
stop and check I'm talking about all of us
own what you know learn what you don't
don't become what you hate just to prove someone wrong
because they won't pick up
you'll look just as bad
until we stop letting the past out on the now
suck up the tears and stop the collapse
Track Name: The (Not) Straight Edge
Don't need it but i want it
far from platonic
spilled beer on the floor laugh it up lets drink more
i don't drink to be cool
the Xs on your hand will cover that up
??? i don't need the straight edge i have control

I'm far from pathetic
seems silly to reject it
just drink till we forget it
the straight edge is cosmetic

I'm as drunk as the line i can not walk
I'm as cold as the booze i pour down my throat
I'm as bad as the whiskey i spit in your face
and i'll get fucked up and be the "disgrace'

so lets sit and sing and drink and cheer
and fight and laugh and raise up our beers
we'll toast to the ones without any cares
no worries or limits or judgmental stares
Track Name: I Want To Look Good Naked
Blacklisted from my own sickness
the twisted have listed my subtle rage
and moral absence on a page defended
by the same who are insane a
and give peace the myth of its name

The millions of stares and countless glares don't compare
to the loss of hair i tear sitting in a backless chair thinking about the unfair despair i blare from my speakers playing a sore voooooOOiccccceee
if they call you their mate you're just an enemy in an Allie state

Without your worry about your front to impress you can't be caught off guard with potential embarrassment I'm ready to break my teeth and ruin my new red dress ahhHHhhHhHhhhHhhhhhHHHHHhHhHHHhhhhhhhhHHHHHhhhHHhHh these thoughts you equated will leave you hated because the logic behind it all would seem outdated to all who the people who think they have made it
i hate the good times because I'm the only one having the good times
I'm no friend
I'm no friend of gods
" "